Management Services


  • Provide part-time or full-time routine maintenance of property (extra charge) and/or provide payroll services for maintenance employees of the building
  • Maintain a 24-hour Emergency Call service
  • Provide competitive bids and oversee all contract work required
  • Suggest outside services (i.e. lawn, pool, extermination, etc.)
  • Assist the Association and/or unit owners with special maintenance problems on a time-and-material cost basis to be paid by the Association
  • Collect, deposit and account for Assessments and Fees
  • Act as purchasing agent for all property supplies
  • Provide monthly and annual Income and Expense Reports
  • Pay all bills (a dual-signature bank account requiring one signature from Management and one signature from the Board of Directors may be utilized)
  • Prepare and mail all Special Notices and Notices of Meetings (postage is extra)
  • Develop an Annual Budget for presentation to the Board of Directors
  • Administer the Renter/Buyer application process and provide the Screening Board with the necessary information to make a decision
  • Handle complaints from unit owners and, with the advice of the Board of Directors, attempt to rectify the problems
  • Negotiate terms of insurance policies for approval of the Board of Directors

Seasonal Home Management


  • Coordinate and supervise regular maintenance and repairs and emergency repairs
  • Coordinate cleaning of the property
  • Check that all doors and windows are properly secure
  • Visual inspection for signs of mold, mildew or visible water leaks in home
  • Visually check AC units for leaks and proper working condition
  • Check for obvious damage to the interior of house
  • Visual inspections for signs of insects and rodents
  • Run the dishwasher, garbage disposal and water in sinks and showers and flush toilets
  • Check alarm system to make sure it is armed and house is secured


  • Visual inspection of exterior walls, roof, and windows
  • Monitor lawn care and pool maintenance services
  • Check for obvious damage to the exterior of house
  • Visually inspect boat to make sure lines are tight and boat is secure with no damage
  • Check mailbox and pick up newspapers and flyers and remove packages, door hangers, notes, etc. from front door


  • Pay condominium, mortgage and utility payments
  • Pay homeowner/property insurance and property taxes
  • Review the year-end escrow analysis and provide the owner monthly statements 
  • Handle the relationship with the Condo/Homeowner Association and the owner/tenant


  • Schedule, arrange, and monitor service repair people while at the home
  • Oversee home improvements and/or renovations on a daily basis
  • Arrange emergency repair services (i.e. air conditioning repair)
  • Start all vehicles
  • Serve as a contact for the community security
  • Receive correspondence and accept deliveries in our office on behalf of owner and forward important items/packages delivered to the home
  • Arrange air conditioning and repair, pest control and pool services
  • Connect the utilities to the property
  • Water interior plants


  • Remove hurricane shutters
  • Uncover or put out patio furniture
  • Turn on electric breakers, main water valve, and hot water heater
  • Adjust thermostat to cool home
  • Plug in all electrical items and turn on ice-makers
  • Check interior and exterior lights
  • Open all blinds and drapery
  • Flush toilets to ensure quality of water lines and run the dishwasher
  • Arrange car service from airport
  • Clean inside and outside windows
  • Arrange for housekeeping and carpet cleaning service 
  • Pressure wash patio, driveway, and walkway
  • Change air conditioning filter(s)
  • Arrange for vehicle wash, gas, and detail
  • Stock home and/or boat refrigerator 


  • Secure hurricane shutters
  • Cover or move patio furniture inside
  • Turn off main water valve, hot water heater
  • Adjust thermostat
  • Unplug all electrical items and empty/turn off all ice-makers
  • Close blinds and drapery
  • Empty trash and recycle bins to garage
  • Activate alarm system and verify it is armed & home is secured
  • Notify security of departure
  • Arrange transportation to airport and automobile transport truck for vehicles going out of state
  • Arrange housekeeping services


  • Pre-qualify and check references of the new tenants
  • Handle tenant / landlord relations and receive rental payments
  • Inspect property before move-in and after vacated and coordinate the return of security deposit
  • Coordinate the eviction process on behalf of the owner